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Safety Patrol

Aligned with one of our four Be's, our Agnew Safety Patrol supports the safe arrival of students and families. During this 2023-2024 year, fourth grade students serve on our Agnew Safety Patrol. Supported by school staff, the student leaders are learning teamwork, communication skills, confidence, and pride while they serve as members of the Safety Patrol. We are thankful for the support from the San Jose Police Department and AAA.

How Can You Help?

Our Agnew Safety Patrol needs parent help in order to build on our collective success!

What parents can do:

  • Recognize students and families demonstrating safe behaviors
  • Monitor and support the crosswalks in front of our school
  • Support traffic flow by reminding families of safety procedures
  • Monitor pedestrian access points to our campus
  • Slow in school zones & near parks
  • Watch carefully for pedestrians & bicyclists
  • Yield to buses
  • Obey traffic laws
  • Follow instructions of Safety Patrol and Crossing Guarts